Welcome to Kenco Plastics, Inc.


Welcome to Kenco Plastics, manufacturer of KEN-SHELTER®, all weather fiberglass shelters, enclosures, Parshall & Palmer-Bowlus flumes, insulated panels, freezer & refrigerator doors.

Kenco Plastics Company is a manufacturer of both molded and modular fiberglass buildings and enclosures, and Parshall and Palmer-Bowlus flumes. Kenco buildings, or KEN-SHELTER®s, have been used in a wide variety of industries from wastewater treatment to utility power plants to the railway system. KEN-SHELTER®s have housed generators, pumps, metering equipment, and much more. They also have functioned as temporary, on-site office facilities. KEN-SHELTER®s are for any setting in which corrosive elements are present. KEN-SHELTER®s provide an entirely non-corrosive environment.  

The molded KEN-SHELTER® can be purchased in a variety of set sizes, while the modular KEN-SHELTER® is completely customizable. Accessories within the buildings are limitless. The buildings can be delivered completely pre-wired for any electrical components required. The Kenco Plastics sales department is eager and willing to work with you to develop a building that specifically accommodates your needs!

For over 50 years KEN-SHELTER® has been the name to trust for your shelter needs.